Community Agencies Participating in Calgary and Area RCSD

  • Calgary Bridge Foundation (COPE)
  • Calgary Homeless Foundation, Shane Rempel
  • Calgary Police (Student Threat Assessment Community of Practice)
  • Calgary Reads, Steacy Collyer (Early Childhood Working Group)
  • Calgary Regional Consortium, Krystal Abrahamowicz (Learning Partnerships Committee)
  • Children's Link, Erin Dewald (Learning Partnerships Committee) and Cath Petrinack (Early Childhood Working Group)
  • Conseil scolaire FrancoSud (COPE)
  • Family and Community Support Services [FCSS] City of Calgary, Jason Luan (Early Childhood Working Group)
  • Primary Care Networks (Early Childhood Working Group)
  • First 2000 Days Network, Blythe Butler (Early Childhood Working Group)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP] (Student Threat Assessment Community of Practice)
  • United Way All In For Youth, Eunice Bawah (Transitions Working Group)
  • University of Calgary, Carly McMorris (Accountability and Assurance Committee)
  • Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research, Scott Bietz (Transitions Working Group)
  • Young Offenders Centre, Charlotte MacDonald-Allan (Tri-Region Complex Needs)