What is COPE?

Community Outreach of Pediatrics and Psychiatry in Education, or COPE was established in September 1997.
Working directly with schools, families, and students, COPE provides pediatric and psychiatric consultations regarding developmental, behavioural, and/or mental health concerns identified by schools about their students. COPE provides an assessment to identify the issues impacting the student. The COPE physicians generate management recommendations for the teachers/schools, parents, and family physicians for students referred to COPE. The student is then connected with the resource to assist with those needs.

Since the beginning, COPE has considered early intervention to be one of the critical factors that can help change the trajectory of students experiencing behavioral, emotional and or developmental difficulties. COPE has passionate and talented pediatricians and psychiatrists who travel into the community and schools to provide assessments and develop treatment plans for students that otherwise would not access early medical intervention.

Family Liaisons
COPE utilizes highly skilled family liaisons who are partnered with the physicians to provide support to the families before and after the assessment. The family liaison will support follow through of the recommendations that have been generated through the assessment process, along with input from the school and parents. A solid collaboration with school and parents is also critical to improve outcomes for these students.

COPE Provides:
Comprehensive pediatric and psychiatric assessments
Pharmacological therapy when indicated
Case management provided by the COPE family liaisons
Linkages to the next level of care and support – for example, connections to FSCD, various health clinics, or community resources as indicated
Family therapy

Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does COPE involvement last?

  • COPE is intended to be a short-term service typically completed within the school year

How do I refer a child or youth to COPE?

  • COPE is a school-based medical service and referrals can only be accepted from schools
  • Contact your school principal for more information

What is the cost?

  • There is no cost to families
  • All children and youth require a valid Alberta Health Care number to participate

COPE is guided by a Working Group comprised of its partners:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Bridge Foundation for Youth
  • Calgary and Area Charter Schools
  • Calgary and Area Private Schools
  • Calgary Region Children’s Services
  • Calgary Region Community and Social Services
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Calgary Catholic School District
  • Calgary Scolaire FrancoSud
  • Palliser Regional Schools
  • Rocky View Schools
  • Tsuut’ina Nation