Complex Communication Needs (CCN)

As part of its mandate Calgary and Area RCSD serves children and youth with Low Incidence Disabilities. Low Incidence Disabilities include blindness or visual impairment, deafness or hard of hearing, deaf-blindness, and complex communication disorders. Additional resources for these areas are available. Email the Project Coordinator for more information.

AAC here refers to Augmentative and Alternative Communication which are tools and strategies that can support the expressive and receptive communication needs of children and youth.

Thank you to the Complex Communication Needs Working Group that works across 4 RCSD regions that works to develop these resources and supports capacity building in this area.


Calgary and Area RCSD continues its work in the area of Complex Communication Needs through a dedicated group of specialists across partners. Check this area for updates.

The following items are from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:



 Complex Communication Needs Briefs

These Briefs are great tip sheets aimed at teachers, but also of use to service providers and parents.


Looking for ImPAACT book files? Email the Project Coordinator.

 In 2015 Calgary and Area RCSD completed a project related to children and youth with Complex Communication Needs (CCN). The goal of the project was to obtain a snapshot of the need within the region, learn about what the research says about the best way to support children and youth who require communication support, and begin to develop resources for parents, service providers and teachers. See the summary below:

Project Summary